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  • Child Bedwetting
  • Asthma Relief
  • Tonic Tissue Salts
  • Child ADD and ADHD
  • Acute Asthma
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  • This was our Art Gallery

    We had all sort of things, paintings, vases, furniture, mirrors
    but one thing used to be the more commented on, it was
    (SHAN the Artist on photo}
    The bright and beautiful colors that Shan used,

    We had great reviews, by local newspapers, and good comments from
    other artists and Australian personalities in the Art world

    But we had to close down, because of luck of costumers,
    We had alot of people comming in, but not many buyers

    We still have most of the paintings and vases
    we have them all at home, our walls are full of color, and the

    ones that dont fit on the walls we have them under the beds
    in our room, our children rooms, and in the garage

    I hope that you would like what you see, this is just
    a small sample of Shan's art, some of the paintings they were
    5 feet by 7, but the most common size were 3 feet by 4

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