William Ballester

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  • William Ballester


    Welcome to the Official Website for Internationally Acclaimed Australian Pianist and composer William Ballester a top class cocktail pianist-vocalist and true professional entertainer available for residencies at venues anywhere in the world.
    Experience the sounds of William Ballester, from jazz, to cocktail to movie to romantic to dinner and mood music, William is a pianist, composer, song writer and entertainer, all in one

    Gold Coast based pianist/composer/songwriter/singer Song contest winer
    William Ballester started his studies of Music
    at the early age of 6, studiyng at the Royal Conservatorioum
    of Music of Madrid, till the year 1966, when he was presented
    with the Diploma of Professor of Music

    He started his professional career as a pianist in 1966
    and since then has gained a wealth of experience in every facet
    of the entertainment industry all around the world

    He has performed in Spain,Portugal, Holland, France, Luxembourg
    Belgium, Finland, Marocco, and Australia where he resides since 1980

    In Australia lives and works on the Gold Coast, Queensland
    where since 1981 he has been working with bands and since 1986 as a resident
    pianist at most of the top five star Hotels, on the Gold Coast
    Australian citizen since 1986

    Music Styles

    1000's of songs, from the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's, 50's, etc. etc.
    from Classic music and jazz, to cocktail to movie to romantic to dinner and mood music and some R&R
    sings also, and in japanese, korean, cantonese, mandarin and some european
    languages, english, spanish, french, german, italian, russian, portugues, and others

    Performance highlights in Australia

    Extended contracts at the following:

    * Resident pianist Gold Coast International Hotel from 1989 till 2003
    * Sea world Nara Resort (4 years 3 days a week)
    * Twin Towns Restaurant (on and off since 1986 till 1998)
    * Sheraton Mirage (6 months sundays only)
    * Conrad Jupiters Casino (1986 2 months, 1988 6 months, 1992 1 year, Atrium Bar)
    * Resident pianist at Palm Meadows
    (Silver Service Restaurant, 9 months 6 days a week 1988)
    * Resident pianist Greenmount Resort (1 year 9 months Sept. 1986 till May 1988)
    * Keybord player with KASH resident band at Twin Towns from 1981 till 1986

    Performed at Official and private parties for

    * Bill Hayden, Governor General of Australia (once)
    * Bob Hawke Prime Minister (once)
    * Paul Keating Prime Minister (once)
    * John Howard Prime Minister (3 times)
    * 3 Quennsland Premiers
    * 1 N.S.W. Premier
    * Private Party for Mike Gore
    at the opening of Sanctuary Cove
    * Private party for John Elliot (Fosters John)
    * Organize Jazz bands for the
    Gold Coast International Jazz Festival
    * Performed as a duo with wife Shan in 1988 at
    Gold Coast International
    Greenmount Resort
    Palm Meadows
    * as a band with wife Shan and
    daughters Sandee and Amanda
    at Twin Towns, Sea world Nara Resort and Gold Coast International
    * and as a band member at Twin Towns resident band KASH
    from 1st of May 1981 till Sept. 1987 6 nights a week
    * Entry at the South Pacific song Contest
    2nd. overall and best Queensland song (1997)

    Member of A.P.R.A. (Spanish Sociedad General de Autores) since 1967 Australian A.P.R.A. since 1981)

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